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 Call us at: 719-252-0433
If you have any question concerning anything at all, please feel free to contact Lenore using the form on this page or call to ask for further information. All questions are welcome! Our telephone number is: 719.252.0433.
Lenore is eclectic in her approach to counseling and uses a wide variety of approaches to best assist you in your journey toward authenticity, purpose, and a happier state of being. Lenore especially uses person-centered therapy, gestalt therapy, art therapy, and schema therapy. She uses Imago therapy in couples' work.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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Most sessions are 55 minutes in length. However, the first session is 1 hour 20-30 minutes to allow time for the paperwork and for all important first session narrative to occur. There is no charge for the extra time required for the first session. Sometimes Lenore provides 1 hour 30 minute sessions for people who are from out of town and the fee for that will be discussed on an individual basis. Lenore's fee is $100.00 per session hour, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Lenore_Senior ® 803 West 4th Street, Suite K, Pueblo, CO 81003

Lenore_Senior ® 803 West 4th Street, Suite K, Pueblo, CO 81003

Lenore Senior, M.A., LPC, 301 Spaulding Lane #51, Fort Collins, CO 80524-1861
Alas, must it always be true?
Do we stand in our own light wherever we go,
And fight our own shadows forever?

~Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton