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About Lenore_Senior
About Lenore_Senio
Lenore Senior is a committed therapist. She has an optimistic attitude toward life. She has a multitude of life experiences from which to draw. Lenore has been an English teacher, a counselor with Lutheran Social Services, a clerk at a natural gas company, and a secretary for a Pueblo lawyer in estate work. She also founded an international literary-art magazine in Saratoga, Wyoming, as well as starting a non-profit animal rescue organization in Pueblo, Colorado.  

Lenore has been a fully participating member of the Pueblo community for 25 years. Her level of commitment to her clients is high. It's all about the client and the client's best welfare.

Lenore A. Senior, M.A., NCC, LPC
Lenore  and Photography
Lenore got her Masters in Community Counseling from Adams State College, Alamosa, Colorado in 2004. Lenore has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2007. She is also a member of the National Board of Certified Counselors and the American Counseling Association. She has worked with Sangre de Cristo Hospice for a number of years before founding and administering the Center for Grief & Loss Counseling and Education, a Pueblo non-profit. The Center dissolved in 2011 when Lenore decided to enter private practice. Lenore's primary emphasis has been in the realm of grief and loss issues (death of a loved one, unresolved grief, job loss, loss of health, loss of meaning, etc.), women's issues, lifespan issues, depression, and couples' counseling. Lenore has an unusual approach to these issues, including a belief in a certain degree of warmth as being therapeutic in the counseling relationship. In counseling, unlike with family and friends, it is about YOU. The subject matter seldom, if ever, is about the counselor, unless it is narrative that will benefit you, the client. If you need someone to truly listen to you, give Lenore a call. She is really good at that. 
Lenore's personal interests include animals, music, family, friendships, art, reading, writing, literature, and photography and digital art.  If you are interested in the possibilities of using art in your therapeutic process, please discuss this option  with Lenore. 

You can see Lenore's work at: www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/lenore-senior.html. Lenore has won approximately 100 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd place honors in contests hosted by Fine Art America over the past year or so. You can see her work also via YouTube at: 

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Committed to helping you achieve your dreams and be who you truly are! And you might even have fun while learning about yourself and living life more fully!
Lenore Senior, M.A., LPC ® 301 Spaulding Lane #51, Fort Collins, CO 80524-1861